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Hello my name is Valencia. Most of you call me                                       Mrs. V.

There is so much to love about Cypress One Center, it would take all day to write everything down. Thankfully a picture is worth a thousand words, and I have no shortage for words, and no shortage for pictures illustrating our residents experiences in their every day lifestyle. No matter where the residents are, outing ,home or center they can always find an amenity to suit their mood, and surroundings that combine both relaxation and comfort.

There is always something to enjoy and someone to enjoy it with.

I'm very compassionate with your moms, dads, aunts,uncles,grandpa,grandma,sisters,or brothers.

My mother " Alice" passed away on Mothers Day in 1993.

I did not have the opportunity to enjoy the privilege to one day" take care" of my Mother. However, I am truly grateful for families giving me the opportunity to care for their loved ones I graciously thank you.

I have composed the centers structure based on memory care. We are proud of our team their experience and their unique passion for our residents. Please stop by and visit us just to say hello !